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"Danny Ball is magnificent ... His control of voice and character, that mercurial ability to inhabit the multitude of personas Ari meets on his journey, gives the work its colour and variability. And his quiet moments of pain, the longing under his braggadocio, are articulated with skill and poignancy." 

- The Guardian.

"Danny Ball is extraordinary as Ari ... He delivered the long monologue flawlessly."

- Limelight.

“By the play’s end, you can hardly remember where you started – or believe Danny Ball is still standing … who is indeed magnificent in all aspects. The sheer control is astounding."

- ArtsHub.

"Never off stage, this extraordinary actor astounds with stillness, commitment and dance for a relentless, fearless and intricately detailed 95-minutes."

- Australian Theatre.

Holding the man

"But it’s the connection between Conroy and Ball that galvanisies every element of this production. They share an electric chemistry that breathes such persuasive life into Tim and John’s love for one another, it is the foundation upon which every success of this show is built." 

- Timeout.

"Danny Ball never falters in his performance of the soft and anxious John. Their intimacy and love radiates throughout their performance leaving not a single dry eye in the audience."

- City Hub.

“Danny Ball is captivating as John ... there is an abundance of enjoyable theatricality surrounding Ball’s performance, but it is his commitment to a deeper honesty, that gives this event its soul."

- Suzy Goes See.

"Danny Ball’s portrayal of John is understated, extremely generous and moving … While their individual performances are outstanding, the connection between Conroy and Ball is what makes the production so successful ... Their chemistry is utterly vulnerable and believable."

- Theatre Thoughts.


"Danny Ball is marvellous as Tinker, deadpan but terrifying, full of ambiguity in his portrayal of pure evil."

- Suzy Goes See.


"Danny is an exceptional tutor and mentor ... after our time together I felt much more confident in my abilities. I believe the confidence I gained under his tutelage assisted me in successfully auditioning for drama school. Danny certainly has a wealth of knowledge and wisdom, I couldn’t recommend him more!"

- Ellen Peebles.

"Danny brings an incredible depth of knowledge and technique to his teaching and shares it skilfully and intelligently to bring out the best in each actor. He has a heightened ability to identify a block that is getting in the way of an authentic performance for an actor, and works compassionately and generously to move them past it. The leaps in performance I witnessed in our one-week intensive were remarkable."

- Jane Wallace.

"A very open creative who’s not afraid to push and play with people under his tutelage. He prioritises the individual and champions your voice, he has presented me with choices and notes that have helped give my work edge and steer it into a direction of poignancy. Danny is a well-versed, classically trained actor who is active in the industry. An absolute treasure to work with."

- Hugo Liu.

"Danny has a super power to help students free themselves and become open, playful actors.​ He has a sharp eye for his students’ strengths and weaknesses when it comes to acting craft."

- Bill Liu.

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