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Private coaching

Test the limits of your potential

audition preparation

Whether you're auditioning for Film and TV projects, Theatre, TVCs, Drama School - I'm excited about helping you nail the audition and 'book the room'.

As a professional actor I understand the challenges and opportunities that an audition presents. I strongly believe in a student-centred approach to coaching.

Using Yat Malmgren's Character Analysis, I am able to identify the 'type' of the character you are auditioning for, as well as you're own energetic type, and how these two may merge to either fulfil the brief, or challenge it with a fresh perspective.

skill + professional development 

The art form that this industry holds is one that demands consistent and considered cultivation of talent, skill and ability. I can create a planned course of action to nurture your talents and push your abilities to the next level. This could be in the form of the basics of acting, monologue work, Shakespeare, self-tapes, acting in dialect, comedy, auditioning, career advice and guidance - whatever it is that you need, let's do it.

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I am able to help you with self-tape preparation, with a detailed knowledge of not only character type, but tone, style, genre and current industry trends.

I have a wealth of techniques to help bring out your best performance, or if you've already got it going on, I can provide gentle direction where necessary.

I am currently unable to shoot self-tapes in my studio, though for an additional fee, I can come to you.



Coaching is:

$80 per hour.

$110 per 1.5 hours.

Discounts apply for blocks of 5 or 10 sessions booked.

For an additional fee, I can travel to you.

To book please email including:

  • Your availability and when you'd like to do private coaching

  • What you are looking to achieve in our coaching session(s)

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